Love Messages to Yourself

Mar 07, 2024

Hello Beautiful Ones!

How have you done loving on  you?  Since our last newsletter was on the Love Languages let’s play a little bit!  We all like to get bonuses or gifts, or find things on sale, right?  Someone asked me yesterday if I gave a discount for large orders of Speaking with the Heart.  And I replied, now I do!  Anytime you purchase 10 copies of

Speaking with the Heart

I will send you a $10 Amazon gift card as a thank you!  Just send me a photo of your order of 10 or more copies and I will email you your gift as a huge thank you!

Ok, so there’s more!

I did something magical today!

I needed to write myself a reminder note, but I didn't have any paper, so I recorded a voice memo and texted it to myself. There were 11 things on the list, which was way too much for me to remember. The memo was 1:11 long. Ha! I ran off to yoga and waited a bit to listen to it. Once I had paper and pen I sat down and listened. I had forgotten all the sweetness I had added just for me. 

It started with...

Hello beautiful, I hope hot yoga was amazing! 

I'm really proud of you!

Today it's important you....(and I rattled off my list). 

I ended it with:

I love you sweet one!

And when I listened to it, I smiled. It was really sweet and so simple.

When I got home, I wrote myself two little heart notes and stuck them in places that I will find them later, my wallet and my sock drawer. I leave love notes for others, but not for me. I think most of us do. We send cards, call, text, leave post its, we often love and encourage others really well. But not ourselves. Well...til today.

Think about it. How simple it is to throw in an: 




What are 3 love notes you will give to yourself today?

Maybe on the mirror?

In the car?

In your lunch?

Leave yourself a text?

But one I really suggest is choosing a voice memo. It goes so much deeper when you hear yourself telling you how wonderful you are and how much you love yourself. Do it! 

Go love on You!

And come back and celebrate with me on how good it felt!

I am proud of you! And I hope you'll be proud of me! Several folks have asked me to offer my on-line course on Conscious Compassionate Communication again. It’s a six week Zoom course which can be taken live or watched via recordings. I am curious to see how many people are interested.

Here is all the information you need.  Email me back and let me know that you are interested. Would mid May be a good start time for you?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!